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Google shortcutsAs you know, Google is coming out with a new service almost on a daily basis (ehm, so to speak). As a result, there are so many online utilities and services that we don’t know where they are located on the Internet (web address).  Aware of this issue Google has released two interesting add-ons for Firefox and Google Chrome which will help us (thanks to handy Google shortcuts)  get access to Google services “in a convenient space-saving” way!

Google Shortcuts is a very useful add-on for your Firefox and Google Chrome browser. It lets you find all Google services in a very convenient and easy way thanks to a ordered list which is constantly updated. Other services include:

  • Over 110 Google services, continuously updated.
  • Service buttons can be sorted according to your needs (not only alphabetically).
  • A service can be opened in a sidebar when clicked on it while pressing Ctrl + Alt (useful for the Google Tasks canvas).
  • Use Google’s URL shortening service goo.gl to easy make short URLs.
  • Create a new Document, Presentation, Spreadsheet, Drawing, or Form with one click.
  • Integration of your domain for Email, Docs, Calendar, Sites, and Contacts, if you use Google Apps.
  • etc.

If you want to download and install these add-ons on your browser or if you want to know more, visit this Firefox webpage.

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2 Comments to “Official Google Shortcuts Add-Ons for Firefox and Chrome”

  1. Soeren Says:

    Hi, I am the developer of the extension. I just wanted to make sure, that I am not affiliated in any way with Google Inc. These two extensions are NOT official Google extension. Nevertheless, have fun using them and spread the words about it 😉

  2. Dennis F. Says:

    This one is a keeper. I just wonder why I found out about it from you rather than Google. I’ve used Chrome for about 9 months now & really love it, especially the speed.

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