How to Easily Report and Fix a Google Map Error

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Google MapsIf you use Google Map quite a lot, you might get some weird errors, inaccuracies, odd and wrong addresses and in some cases even bugs while browsing a map. Usually, the first thing users do with Google Map is go looking for the map containing their house geographical location and sometimes that’s exactly where an error is noticed. This brief tutorial will show you how to report an error found on Google Map directly to Google!

If an error is found on a certain Google Map, the first thing to do is report it by using  the “Report a problem” link located in the lower left-hand corner of the map you are browsing. Once the report has been send, you’ll also be able to subscribe via email so that you will notified when the issue is addressed to the Google Team. In case you don’t have such link, here are other solution to get in touch with Google Map Team:

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