How to Lock Folders (The Easy Way)

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SecureFolderAs you know, Windows operating system has got different ways to do the exact same thing or achieve the same result. Tricks, tweaks, tools etc let you simplify certain tasks (or make them extremely tangled!). A few months ago I spoke about a nice hack which let you turn your folders to a safe. Basically, it lets you lock a folder of your choice, so that nosy users won’t be able to open it. In case that procedure is beyond your skill, I have found a little free software which is able to lock your important folders in a couple of clicks.

Secure Folder is a tiny, free program which password protect your folders with just a few clicks. How does it work? In a very, very easy way. Set your password, select your folder/folders and you are done! Secure Folders works in Windows XP, Vista and Windows  7.

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