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windows 7Recently, a friend of mine asked me to break  an administrator account in his Windows operating system.  Such account belonged to him but, as sometimes happens, he had forgotten the password.  The hack I am about to show you is no brainer to tell you the truth! In fact,  it is quite easy to perform and the result is always the same. Thanks to it you will be able to hack an administrator account without being an hacker! In a couple of steps you will be able to reset any user account passwords and assign to it a password of your choice!

  1. First of all let me tell you that this hack work for Windows XP but if I were you I would also try it on other Microsoft OS (Vista andWindows 7)!
  2. Click Start.
  3. Click Run.. or look for the Search field (for Windows 7).
  4. Type CMD and press Enter. You should now see the well-known DOS black window.
  5. Type Net Users and hit Enter. This simple command will show you all the accounts created for the computer.
  6. Now type net user administrator * and hit Enter. Of course you can type whatever user account you wish.
  7. You will be prompted to type a new password. Well, choose a password of your choice and hit Enter again.
  8. Re-enter the password.
  9. Done!

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18 Comments to “How to Hack Administrator Account in a Ridiculously Easy Way in Windows”

  1. halt Says:

    and would u plz answer it on the web page i hardly ever go on my email

  2. halt Says:

    hi i have a windows 7 computer my mom has a admin account and im trying to hack it but when i get to the password part i type in a new password and it says it not a command or internal command what does that mean so what do i do from there

  3. sudheer Says:

    i tried but it shows system error 5 is occured
    access is denaid

  4. Yup Says:

    Yeah… uh… you still have to have administrative privileges to do this. Even if you are not on the “Administrator” account. The privileges still have to be in place for you to execute the command. Otherwise you get “error 5”.

  5. THe sTudent Says:

    That does not work on windows 7 it says
    error 5
    access denied
    what to do

  6. Sarah Says:

    i tried it but it says access denied 🙁

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