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The new Windows Live Messenger, differently from previous WLM versions, doesn’t give you the opportunity to modify and alter your nickname or display name . What’s worst is that Windows Live Messenger 2011 will only display your real name and surname which you previously set in your profile when you signed-up. Let’s see together how you can easily modify  and add your nickname thanks to this little trick!

  1. The only way to add a nickname to Windows Live Messenger 2011 is to modify your real name and last name. No other ways are possible at this time.
  2. Open and login Windows Live Messenger 2011.
  3. Click your user name using the small  arrow on top of the messenger’s window.
  4. Click Edit your Name in the menu.
  5. A Windows Live Profile web page will be automatically opened in your browser. Modify or change the First Name and Last Name.
  6. Click the Save button.
  7. Done!

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50 Comments to “How to Modify Your Nickname in Windows Live Messenger 2011”

  1. alphateam Says:

    Definitely does not work for me. Changes saved and all, when you go to info it displays what I want it to display but msn name just won’t update despite all the rebooting/closing/opening going on.

  2. Dr-Hack Says:

    Its a copy of Facebook , Facebook kept it that way in there profile system ppl didnt complain and MS copied it ..
    not knowing that in chat everyone likes Nick name ..well
    guess will continue using the auto nick change app..which change pre defined nick whn emailing otherwise the chating nick is kept

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