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Internet Explorer 9Sometimes, while surfing the Web it may happen to incur and visit an unsafe website, webpage or blog containing adult and illegal material or even viruses and spywares able to infect your computer. An excellent way to prevent and stop this website from being visited is to report it to Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) which will redirect your request to Microsoft SmartScreen Filter.

  1. Click the Settings button located on the top right side of your IE9.
  2. Click Select Safety –  Report Unsafe Website.
  3. This action will redirect you to a website called Microsoft SmartScreen filter where you will have to reply few questions about your finding.
  4. Done! At this point Microsoft will review the website and if it  consider it a phising website or a scamware website it will flag it to its Internet Explorer users!

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2 Comments to “How to Report an Unsafe Website in Internet Explorer 9 (IE9)”

  1. Adrian Pyatt Says:

    Yesterday evening i was downloading MIDI SEQUENCER demos from SONIC SPOT .COM website . I had started from the bottom of the list ,working my way upwards and clicked on a MIDI SEQUENCER demo download link called JUMP . This resulted in a connection to a website containing PORNOGRAPHY and other adult links . I immediatly closed the browser down and told my wife . She suggested i report it to MICROSOFT via REPORT unsafe website which i did . HOwever this link does not allow you to describe the complaint so here i am . Having closed the browser i realised i did not have the website address to report so i returned to the SONIC SPOT website , clicked on the MIDI SEQUENCER ” JUMP ” download link and returned to the PORNOGRAPHIC website . I noted the website” HARDNOTE . com ” and closed the Browser . At this point my wife appeared so i asked her to SEE FOR HERSELF . I returned to the SONIC SPOT wesite and on scrolling through the download list found that the ENTRY for ” JUMP ” had DISSAPPEARED . I closed the browser and reopened it a further three times in an attempt to relocate ” JUMP ” but to no avail . What really bothers me is WHY i was able to access the site twice and then the LISTING disappeared from the initial website . I have the distinct feeling the WEBSITE LINK recognised my return and went into hiding .

  2. Kyler IE Outreach Team Says:

    Great article! Reporting unsafe sites helps keep you, and other users safe!
    For more safety features in IE9, check out:
    Beauty of the Web

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