How to Fix MBR in Windows 7 (Operating System not found)

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MBR in Windows 7 is the “master boot record (MBR), or partition sector, is the 512-byte boot sector that is the first sector (“LBA/absolute sector 0″) of a partitioned data storage device such as a hard disk”. The issue with such a partition is that it may become corrupted thus preventing  you from booting up your computer. The most common error such a corrupted MBR returns is “Operating System not found”. Let’s see how to fix it with this quick tutorial. If this trick doesn’t work for you read this other tutorial of mine: Fix MBR.

  1. Insert your Windows 7 DVD to your CD/DVD drive and reboot your computer.
  2. The following message should appear on your screen: “Press any key to boot from CD”.
  3. After pressing a key ( I usually press Enter) you should face a screen asking you to select your language, time and keyboard etc.
  4. On the following scree you should see a link like this: “Repair Your Computer”. Click it.
  5. At this point, Windows Recovery Option will start searching for Windows 7 installation files on your computer.
  6. Once it finds all it needs, a small window will warn you to choose the operating system it found.
  7. Select your operating system and press the Next button.
  8. A new Windows Recovery Options window will appear on your screen. Select Command Prompt which should be the last option of the list.
  9. On the Command Prompt, type bootrec.exe /fixmbr and press Enter.
  10. Done!

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