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wlmWouldn’t you like to stop those annoying advertisements on Windows Live Messenger 11 once for all? Without any doubt the bottom ads are the most annoying things on the new WLM11. They distract you while chatting and, when you look at them, you feel as if they are out-of-place in the new polished and nice chat window interface. Let’s see how to stop these ads with this nice hack! 

  1. Turn off Windows Live Messenger.
  2. Click Start on your Windows.
  3. Open Windows Explorer and navigate to the following folder: C:\ Windows\ System32\drivers\ etc
  4. Now, right click the Hosts file and choose to open it with your Windows Notepad.
  5. Copay and paste this code to the Hosts file: rad.msn.com
  6. Save the Hosts file.
  7. Now, open your Command Prompt. Do to that, click Start and in the  Search field, type cmd. Do not press enter yet.
  8. Right click the Command Prompt icon and select Run as Administrator.
  9. In the Command Prompt Window , type:  ipconfig /flushdns and press Enter.
  10. Now check if you have managed to block ads by opening Windows Live Messenger.
  11. Done!

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13 Comments to “Stop Advertisements on Windows Live Messenger 11 (WLM11)”

  1. Charles Says:

    C:\ Windows\ System32\drivers\ ?? So what is after the drivers? I’m on win 7 64bit, there is no Hosts files listed.


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