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Windows 7This trick is really one of a kind! If you wish to create a big, fake, empty file and place it to your USB key (or wherever you want) , I have got the right tutorial for you. Please, don’t ask me the use of it, but I know that a lot of users  create these files for the most different reasons!  Jokes, Internet speed tests etc. are just a couple of examples!

  1. Click Start.
  2. In the Search field type cmd and press Enter. (If you are notin Windows 7, look for run…)
  3. Type the following command: fsutil file createnew <name of your file> <size in bytes>
  4. What follows is a simple example which will create a files on your desktop: fsutil file createnew C:\Desktop\test.jpeg 50000000

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3 Comments to “How to Create Empty Files in Windows Operating Systems”

  1. Look_An_Alien Says:

    I get an error when in CMD saying that I don’t have admin privileges. I’ve tried setting full access to me, the user and admin, but no go. Any help?

  2. dani Says:

    sorry it work. sorry again

  3. dani Says:

    it doesen’t work on windows 7. the error is The sistem cannot find the paht specified

    you have to verify befor publish

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