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Google talk invisible modeOne of biggest limits in the Google Talk (Gtalk) chat client is the absence of the invisible mode which lets you stay invisible while online. However, Google has got a kind of beta Google Talk version which has the invisible mode… by default! For some unknown reason Google haven’t released such a version yet because  maybe it is evaluating if such an invisible mode is useful or not. Whatever the reason, such version is available on the Internet, but well nested and hidden among the millions of Google pages. Let’s see where to download it!

This “hidden” Google Talk version is really one of a kind. In fact, apart nice features which are not available it the official Google Chat version, it has got the famous and wanted invisible mode which lets you appear offline to your friends and contact.  Other interesting features include a rich-of-options menu with links to  Gmail,Calendar and Orkut.

Download Google Talk (Gtalk) with invisible and hidden mode now!

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4 Comments to “Download Google Talk (Gtalk) with Invisible Mode Feature”

  1. sri Says:

    i wnt google talk with invisisble option.could you help me

  2. ioaata reemon Says:

    i love chatting using gtalk

  3. samrat singh Says:

    i love chatting using gtalk….

  4. Sreepadma Says:

    it’s very exited to have such a best option!

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