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Firefox (and other browsers) has got  a whole bunch of security measures which encrypt your password and username when you use a login page. But if you download Firesheep extension you will get aware of  how poor and ineffective these measures are! In fact, the whole goal of this terrific extension is to prove how easy is to harvest passwords and usernames  as well as hack entire accounts from any busy Wifi network.  The Achille’s heel in Firefox is the way all private and sensitive info are protected. Only the password is encrypted, but the rest isn’t. I am talking about cookies which are sent back from the remote server, (which contains your email account   for example) to your Firefox. Such cookies contain all your information and your password, but the bad news   is that they are completely visible to anyone as no protection is applied!

Firesheep addon for Firefox lets you harvest all kind of passwords and usernames from any kind of Wifi Network. It works in a very easy way. Just install Firesheep extension on your Firefox, open it, click the big “Start Capturing” button and wait! As soon as someone connects to his email, Facebook, Twitter etc. account, their names and photo will be displayed on the Firesheep window. Double-click on someone, and you’re instantly logged in as them!

Firesheep just wants to shows how easy and dangerously simple is to hack and enter someone else account just by clicking a single button.

Firesheep is compatible with Windows OS and Mac OX and it is completely open source!

If you want to know more, go to Firesheep main page. If you want to download the application, click here.

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19 Comments to “Download Firesheep Extension for Firefox”

  1. JUde Says:

    i dont know how to install fireship.whata pitty.there is display XPI file.i cant understand…..

  2. sasa Says:

    its not bad

  3. osman basbous Says:

    karim basbous have a fiend ,him name is osman basbous

  4. osman basbous Says:

    i hate him

  5. bosh Says:

    great idea thank you for these efforts

  6. ferdy fernandez Says:

    i very confuse to use this apps

  7. Social Security Payments « IT4finance Blog Says:

    […] have been many red faces on social networks with the appearance of FireSheep – a simple add in to the FireFox browser that allows anyone to hijack social networking sessions […]

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