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Internet Explorer closes as soon as it opensRecently, a lot of users complain about the Microsoft browser. It looks like Internet Explorer closes as soon as it opens, unexpectedly and without any hope to restore it. There are a lot of reasons why this could happen. You could have got one of the last virus threats such as Thinkpoint or Anti Virus Action. Other times instead this weird behaviour is due to more simple reasons such as a not well-coded plugins or extensions,  buggy Internet Explorer beta versions or an incompatibility with other software installed on your computer such as antivirus, firewall or antispyware. Spotting the right issue might require time and a lot of work . However, there are certain “signals” and recurring patterns which could easily help   determine what and where the problem is and how to fix it. 

Antivirus, Antispyware and Firewall

If you have installed, updated or upgraded a security software maybe it is causing a conflict with Internet Explorer which will close  right away. Try to temporary disable it and see if your Microsoft browser works again. Other times instead you might need to configure your Firewall and  “add an exception” to it. Sometimes, firewalls need special instructions in order to let certain kind of software (above all the one which connect to the Internet) to work properly. If your Internet Explorer still closes by itself and unexpectedly you might try to update your antivirus with the latest threat definitions and launch a complete scan of your system. You might have got one of the latest viruses and your antivirus or antyspyware might not be ready for it yet.

Plugin issues

If you have installed a plugin, or even if you have updated your Internet Explorer you might get incompatibility issues with extensions installed on Internet Explorer and meant to improve its features or add new ones. Try to start the browser in Safe Mode. To do it click Start on your computer, then  – All Programs – Accessories – System Tools – Internet Explorer (No Add-ons).


The PSAPI.DLL is library file. If it is registered incorrectly, Internet Explorer will close suddenly. As stated on Microsoft support: “To resolve this problem, remove or rename all the instances of the PSAPI.dll file that are located in the folder for the application that closes. The PSAPI.dll file is a component that is not redistributable. The PSAPI.dll file must only be located in the Windows folder or in the Windows\System32 folder.” Basically it means that you might have recently installed a new software. To solve the issue, open Windows Explorer, locate the folder where the software is installed and delete the PSAPI.DLL file. Alternatively, you can try to locate it via Windows Search on your Start menu.

Internet Explorer Beta

Did you install a beta version of Internet Explorer? If so, that could cause your Internet Explorer to close down! Beta versions are buggy versions which are meant to developers. They contains a lot of security flaws as well as bugs which in some cases could cause a complete crash of your Internet Explorer. Uninstalling it and reverting to the old version may solve the issue sometimes.

Flash  or Java?

Did you install Flash Player or Java? Sometimes these two applications which render websites and blogs may have been improperly installed  or may have some bug.  Try to uninstall them. Click Start then go to Control Panel, click on Internet Options and uninstall them. Alternatively you can go to Control Panel and Click Programs. Under Programs there is a special section which allows you to uninstall or re-install all programs on your computer.

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