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If you don’t manage to install your bugfixes on your Windows operating system, maybe you need to reinstall Windows Update service which doesn’t work properly anymore. As you know, Windows Update is the tool which is responsible for installing all those new updates on your machine which are regularly released by Microsoft. Updates, most of the times, are small files which are meant to patch or fix a security issue, a broken or lame feature or add a new feature in your Windows XP, Vista and 7. From this it is obvious how important is to have a working update service! In fact, thanks to it you will be able to protect your computer, your privacy and your files from viruses, malware and from software malfunction.

In order to reinstall and reset your Windows Update and be able to get the latest updated from Microsoft, follow these steps:

  1. Click Start.
  2. In the search field, type services.msc and press Enter. (if you own Windows Vista, click run… and type the command)
  3. Click the services.msc link.
  4. On the right pane, locate Automatic Update.
  5. Double click it. A new window will appear on your screen.
  6. Click the Start button to restart the service.
  7. Now, Select the Automatic option under Startup Type to let the service to start automatically when your operating system starts.
  8. Click OK.

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3 Comments to “Reinstall Windows Update in Windows 7. The Easy Way”

  1. LinuxRulesOK Says:

    How does stopping and restarting a service reinstall anything???
    What a load of complete rubbish!!!
    All the problems that existed before will continue to exist after the restart!!!

  2. ZenosisUK Says:

    ok my Windows Update is corrupted the above proceedure does not work, I get the erro message

    “error 0x80070057: The Parameter is incorrect.”

    Uh when I do a search for that error, it doesn’t seem to relate to Windows Update.

  3. Spodosaurus Says:

    Ummm…did you forget the part about reinstalling the windows update components? this is just messing aorund with starting-stopping the service.

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