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Windows Live Mail 2011Windows Live Mail 2011 is the new free email client from Microsoft’s Windows Live. Apparently, there is no way to select all messages or junk emails on WLM 2011 interface, as no clear option is offered to its users. This issue is all the more distressing in case you have to mark a big quantity of emails for mass deletion. Do you want an example? Just image that one day you get up and find out that your Windows Live Mail is pestered with hundreds of emails. Well, without the “Select All” option, you will have no choice but deleting them one by one! Luckily for you, I have recently found out that the missed and wanted option is there and actually works! The only issue is that it is not clearly visible. Furthermore, there is more than a way to mass select all your unwanted emails. Let’s see together, thanks to these quick tricks how to get rid of junk emails in a couple of clicks!

First Method

Well, this method is  not quite optimal because you will still have to mark all your emails. The only difference is that you will save a lot of time because the whole procedure is going to be pretty fast!

  1. Login your Windows Live Mail 2011.
  2. Go to the emails you wish to delete.
  3. Now, hold down the CTRL key and click all the unwanted emails. Alternatively, you can also press the CRTL key and press the down-arrow on your keyboard.

Second Method

This second method should actually be the one you are looking for as it lets you select and erase all messages in …one second! Let’s see the easy procedure to achieve this.

  1. Select the first email you want to delete.
  2. Now, click CTRL + A  > Delete. This will let you perform a mass deletion of your unwanted emails in one shot!

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16 Comments to “How to Select All Messages and Emails in Windows Live Mail 2011”

  1. Zak Gutz Says:

    The CTRL+A is very helpful i had like 770 email life & time saver works in any folder of email account :.)

  2. ahmet Says:

    Thanks mate, very helpful, nice one 🙂

  3. Linda Says:

    A third method similar to holding the Ctrl key but only 2 clicks needed
    Select/highlight the first (or last) message, scroll to the last (or first) message hold down the shift key and select this last (or first) message. All messages between the 2 selected will be highlighted to edit as you see fit.

  4. Anthony Hanwell Says:

    Control A will select all. Then you can move the lot to an Archive folder.

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