How to Download Everything from Facebook

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facebookHave you ever wished to download everything from a Facebook account including pictures and photos, videos, posts, status updates, different data, profile information etc? Till some time ago downloading something from Facebook was simply impossible unless you used software or online tools. Aware of this big limitation, the Facebook team has recently released an interesting web utility (directly embedded in your Facebook account) which lets you download everything from your Facebook account as a zip file!

  1. Access your Facebook account.
  2. Click Account and Account Settings located at the top right side of your Facebook personal page.
  3. Under the Setting Screen, locate Download your information and read the security warning reported on its section.
  4. Click Learn More.
  5. The next page will inform you  that you are about to download all data related to your account. At the end of this section, click the Download green button.
  6. A pop-up window named Request My Download will warn you to be patient while Facebook is gathering infos about your account.
  7. Again, click the Download button.
  8. After clicking such button check your email inbox. You should have got an email from Facebook containing a link which will let you download your Facebook account.
  9. Click such link. Right after that you will be prompted to type your Facebook account. Once done you will start downloading your Facebook data as a Zipped file.
  10. Done!

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