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Windows 7 erase optionSometimes, in Windows 7, you might see that no erase CD, DVD and Disc option (for rewritable discs) is available under My Computer. Windows 7 has got among its features a very handy CD/DVD burner. According to this Windows 7 guide: “Windows burns discs in the Live File System format or in the Mastered format, depending on which disc format you choose”. The burning feature in the latest Windows operating system is embedded in the system by default,  and no payment is required to use it. You can burn discs directly from Windows Explorer, My Computer, Windows Media Center and from the Windows DVD Movie Maker. On this guide I will talk about the issues some users might face when they try to use the “Erase this disc” option available on the disc drive in “My Computer”. If you right-click the disc driver icon you should gain access to all the options to burn and erase your discs without buying any extra software.  Sometimes some of these features might miss from the menu interface. Let’s see how to fix it!

  1. Check if there are any firmware upgrades for your burner. (for this you have to visit the proper burner hardware company)
  2. Try to clean the burner with special cleaning products .
  3. Sometimes the missing erasing option issue is directly due to the “Power calibration Error”. Download the following file (virus-free)and install it on your Windows 7. Some users have managed to solve the issue thanks to it.

Other times the issue is very simple. In order to erase a CD/DVD you need to own a rewritable disk. Look at your disc and make sure that it is rewritable and not only writable! If  your disc is not rewritable, Windows 7 won’t show you the erase option!

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One Comment to “How to Fix No Erase CD/DVD/Disc Option Available in Windows 7”

  1. ha14 Says:

    thanks for this, on my windows 7 ultimate when i insert a cd/dvd, windows explorer do not show me the space left on the media, on vista was working fine. Is there any easy fix?

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