How to Fix Facebook Chat Disappeared From Your Personal Profile

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Facebook chatSometimes, after you login to Facebook, you might notice that the Facebook Chat has disappeared from your Facebook personal page. The well-known chat box is usually located at the bottom right side of your page. Looking around on different forums it looks like such an issue is due to a lot of dissimilar, different reasons which usually have to do with Facebook glitches and bugs and  browser/computer issues. As a consequence you won’t be able to chat with your friends, you won’t get any messages from anybody and your friends will see you discontinuously on and off line.  Such an issue has happened to me a couple of times and despite I managed to find out a fix thanks to a small trick I am well aware that what worked for me might not work for other people. Let’s see the most common fixes and solutions available on the Internet which could help you recover from this problem. Remember, if none of the following methods work and your chat seems to have disappeared for good, it means that Facebook is undergoing some fixes and general maintenance, so be patient!

I have to tell you that there are a lot of remedies which could help you restore your chat feature. Here are the most “famous” ones which seems to have worked for a lot of users:

Method 1

Refresh your Facebook page. If this doesn’t work, try to clear your browser Internet cache and login in to Facebook again. This will reset your browser. In fact, sometimes it looks like the browser you are using undergoes some glitches which prevent the chat from being displayed correctly.

Method 2

Close your browser and reopen it. Again, it looks like majority of issues are due to browsers. Turning it off and back on seems to have solved the issue for a lot of users.

Method 3

If your chat has disappeared completely and the above methods are useless, try to restart your computer. In fact, sometimes it may be your computer which doesn’t work properly. A few people have managed to get the chat box back thanks to this trick.

Method 4

Switch to Firefox or Google Chrome. Internet Explorer has got a couple of bugs which could affect the way your Facebook page is displayed. If you use Firefox or Chrome, make also sure to login to your Facebook profile,  click on Settings. Right there you  will find an option to hide or show Facebook chat and its notification bar.

Method 5

If nothing seems to restore your chat, try to visit this Facebook known-issues page. It may be that it is Facebook which has got some issue. I so, the Facebook team will post an update (and eventually a fix) on that page.

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