How to Make a Group of Friends on Facebook

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facebookIf you wish to make a group of friends on your Facebook profile, this simple and straight-to-the point tutorial is for you. In fact, a specific Facebook feature lets you create a group of Facebook friends (such as your family members or your close friends, for example) to share with them only certain private information. Let’s see how to achieve this result.

The new feature which lets you make a private group of Facebook friends is a special button called “Create a group”.

  1. Login your Facebook account.
  2. Go to Facebook.com/groups
  3. Click the Create  Group button.
  4. Label the group you are about to create.
  5. Insert the name of your friends. (group members)
  6. Click the Privacy drop down menu and choose one of these options: Open (the group os public and visible by anyone), Closed (Members are public but the content is private), Secret (Members and content is completely invisible).
  7. Done!

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