How to Use Hotmail SSL Sign in Feature

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hotmail sslHotmail SSL means that Hotmail has started using Secure Sockets Layer sign in feature  to provide extra communication security over the Internet. A lot of websites and Internet applications are actually already using  SLL protocols to protect their users such as Google SSL and Firefox. This is due to the recent hackers’ rampage which is scouring the Internet to gather and harvest surfers security information through software holes in their computers and software. Secure Sockets Layer encrypts  segments of network connections so that nobody will manage to understand the meaning of the communications sent (emails, chats, messages etc.). Let’s see how to turn on such a feature on Hotmail.

  1. Login your Hotmail account.
  2. After the login you will face a new message which prompts you to enable and turn on the new Hotmail SSL feature.
  3. Click the Always ue HTTPS (reccomended).
  4. I strongly advise you to click the next button (change your settings to always use HTTPS) which will permanently set your Hotmail account to use the SSL protocol.
  5. At this point, simply click the Use HTTPS automatically (please see the note above) radio button.
  6. Click the Save button.

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