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Hide instant PreviewsSo, at last somebody found a proper way to permanently turn off the hated and annoying Google Instant Previews! I knew it was just a matter of time! As I wrote in a previous article of mine, Google Instant Previews lets you preview a small thumbnail of any website available on the Google Search result page, by simply clicking on the small magnifying glass located on the right side of any link. The irritating thing about this feature is that you can not disable, block or turn it off as it is set on by default and no option among Google settings is available to “tweak” it. But here it comes the good news! Recently, a genius coded a string, a Javascript to be exact ,which is able to permanently turn off the magnifying glass (and the thumbnail) belonging to the Instant Previews in Google Search once for all! All you will have to do is  install a small add-on on your favorite browser and you are done! Let’s see how this trick works!

Hide Google Instant Previews is a small piece of Javascript code which, as the tittle suggests, is able to conceal and hide the infamous Google new feature from your browser. The script is fully compatible with Firefox and Google Chrome (sorry Internet Explorer guys…) and works like a charm (read reviews). However, if you use Firefox, you will have to install a small add-on called GreaseMonkey first.

After that all you’ll have to do is visit this link: http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/90222, click the Install button located on the upper-right side of the page and the Instant Previews magnifying glass (and the related thumbnail) will be gone from your life instantly and…permanently!

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11 Comments to “Definitive Trick to Permanently Turn Off Google Instant Previews”

  1. paul Says:

    right! canada sucks. why use goggle canada anyway. that address works with any google. just replace xxx (google.xxx) with your country’s google.

    wap-tek is not only a jerk he’s also a thief. he stole someone else’s work and didn’t even give a proper credits.

  2. steve Says:


    stop stilling someone else’s work. this address was posted so many times and it wasn’t for canada. it was google.com. you just replaced com with ca. besides what the heck anyone would use google canada.

    what a jerk!

  3. wap-tek Says:

    try changing browser to use google canada as

  4. Bryan Says:

    Thank god for this little grease monkey script. I am so annoyed with google’s auto preview crap. All it does is get in the way. Thank you

  5. Rando Says:

    turn off google instant and suggestions in ie8 by going to tools/internet options/security/restricted sites, click sites and add http://www.google.com to it. the google search engine still works but no instant or suggestions, no applause neccsary, YAY!!!

  6. devin Says:

    Or you can just open the site to the right! fly through results instead! Sweet search keeps your google results on the left and loads them on the right. http://bit.ly/searchkrack

  7. Smiling Carcass Says:

    In FF you can disable instant search and instant preciews by modyfying the about:config file. Instructions here-


    Simple and it worked for me with no (as yet) apparent problems.

  8. Allan Says:

    I often select text in search results in order to right-click with the mouse and copy/paste it. I also must click in a white area of a webpage, so I can use my mouse scroll button.

    So this thoroughly USELESS and IRRITATING google “feature” has been driving me nuts.

    I finally got fed up with it enough today to search until I found what it was called, which led me here.


  9. instant annoyance Says:

    set your homepage to turn off google instant(ly annoying).

  10. SHukcy Says:

    seems to work great.

  11. Windows Says:

    Is it legal to use this trick?

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