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If you want to Download the famous Minecraft game this is the right place! Minecraft is a sandbox, multiplayer video game (it is currently under development) whose goal is to “place blocks while running from skeletons”. This is the rather bare-bone and synthetic description from the official Minecraft website. However, the game is much more than this! In fact, Minecraft is a easy, and at the same time complex, game where you will have to build constructions out of cubes in a huge, fantastic 3D world. Depending on the version you are playing (Alpha and Classic version) you will be able to build everything out of  3D blocks in order to fight back hordes of monsters and enemies. The game is developed on the javascript platform and deeps its roots into famous games such as Dwarf Fortress. Let’s see where to download it!

If you wish to download the new Minecraft game, you will have to visit the Minecraft homepage. Alternatively, you can also visit this official download page which will allow you to download the Alpha version.

Here are the links to download the Minecraft Alpha version (multiplayer game) for different operating systems. Remember this downloadable version is only for those users who have already bought the full version. This is only a stand-alone launcher for Minecraft thanks to which you will be able to play the game without an Internet connection. If you want to buy the game., click this link.

Windows OS (Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7)

Download Minecraft.exe.  If that version doesn’t work for some reason, try this: Minecraft.exe

Mac OS

Download Minecraft.zip, extract the Minecraft app, then run it.

Linux OS

Download Minecraft.jar, an executable jar file.

Keep in mind that Minecraft Alpha is under heavy development. The software is unstable and might contain bugs which could affect the gameplay and your computer performance.

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21 Comments to “Download Minecraft Game Now!”

  1. johnatan Says:

    http://www.minecraft.net/classic/play o que pode ser jogado de graça ‘-‘ ae o site xd tem que ter o java no pc

  2. mihhecc7 Says:

    i can’t play minecraft beacuse im not premium ? WTF:Z

  3. kostlivec9876 Says:

    I can t download Minecraft becouse there wrighting: (not download)

  4. sa Says:

    i cant play mine craft because im not premium wtf??!!

  5. youknowwho Says:

    I want download minecraft for free (offline), HOW?

  6. MinecraftThingy Says:

    Dudes, I cant login cuz it says im not Premium

  7. joshua Says:

    can be the minecraft be download in full version

  8. poopy poop Says:

    What’s wrong with my face ?

  9. poopy poop Says:

    Where can you download MInecraft for free?

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