How to Restore Internet Explorer 9 to Default Settings

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IE restorator

Sometimes, playing with your Microsoft Internet Explorer browser can be extremely dangerous. In fact, if you like  changing its settings you might get yourself in trouble, sooner or later. As a consequence, Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) could stop working, or could stop responding in the way you want or it could even become sluggish and freeze . Whatever the reason, you might wish to restart or restore it to its default settings. If that’s your case, then this small utility is right for you!

IE Restorator is a great, free utility which is able to troubleshoot your messed and clumsy Internet Explorer 9. The application will flush DNS, Re-registerdlls for Internet Explorer (3 different types 64-Bit, 32 Bit on 64-Bit OS and 32-Bit) Reset IE to Default settings, Reset Winsock.

Download IR Restorator

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