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ie9This trick is rather simple and fast to apply. If you use Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) and you are also accustomed to use a lot of tabs and windows to open tons of website and webpages, sometimes, it may happen to you to accidentally close a tab containing an important website containing important information! This tutorial will show you how easily reopen and restore a tab or a windows in a couple of seconds!

  1. Open Internet Explorer 9.
  2. Right-click the Internet Explorer toolbar and from the menu, select Lock the Toolbars.
  3. Now, click  Tools and click the first option: Reopen Last Browsing Session.
  4. Done!
  5. This simple trick will be able to restore the windows or tabs that you opened during the last browsing session.

Another simple way to reopen a accidentally closed tab is to reopen a new tab and from the main window, right under the thumbnails of the websites you visted during the previous Internet session, click the Reopen Closed Tabs link!

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3 Comments to “How to Reopen and Restore Accidentally Closed Tabs in Internet Explorer 9 (IE9)”

  1. Jack Says:

    How to do this when using WIN 8 with IE 9 as my browser?

  2. Todd Says:

    How do you get IE 9 to AUTOMATICCALY open previous session? I don’t want to have to click the drop-down menu under “tools” every time to re-open preivous session.

  3. cmhess Says:

    Yeah, great. Only “Reopen last browsing session” is grayed out. Now what?

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