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copy pdfAdobe Reader X is the new PDF reader from Adobe. Its most notable feature is its Protected Mode which safeguards your computer and files. Other minor but nonetheless innovative features are the chance to embed almost any multimedia files such as photos, pictures, videos etc. This tutorial will show you how to copy any image within any PDF files in Adobe Reader X.

  1. Open your PDF file using Adobe Reader X.
  2. From the upper toolbar, click the “Take a Snapshot”icon. At this point, drag the tool around the image you want to copy. To achieve this you will have to left-click the mouse and drag it from one side to the other of the image you like. This will create a rectangular which will embed the photo.
  3. This action will automatically copy the image in the clipboard.
  4. No go to your desktop, left click any empty space and from the menu click Paste.
  5. Done!

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6 Comments to “How to Copy any Photo, Image and Picture in Adobe Reader X”

  1. Belted Radial Says:

    Lora, thanks for the idea of adding the hand and select tools. Do you know how to save the toolbar once it is set up? Or do you have to re edit the toolbar each time you open Acrobat X? Thanks Again! 😉

  2. Lora Says:

    Ah, found it!

    The toolbars are controlled under View, Show/Hide, Toolbar Items.

    You can make the snapshot icon visible using Toolbar Items, Edit.

    I added the Select Tool and Hand Tool and either of those turns the Snapshot off.


  3. Lora Says:

    Robin – try using the menu. Click Edit, then Take a Snapshot.

    cool? – I have PDFs where the image is not recognized as a separate element, so can neither be right-clicked nor highlighted and copied normally.

    My issue is . . . I can’t seem to turn OFF the snapshot tool!

  4. Robin Brand Says:

    Except that my Adobe X does not have a snapshot icon – have these tips been tested in the real world?

  5. Web Talk Says:

    Ouch! That hurted!

  6. cool? Says:

    right click on image. copy. Done!

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