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internet explorer 9 bookmarksIt seems that a lot of users are having issues on how to display, show and add bookmarks in the new Microsoft browser Internet Explorer 9 (IE9). Internet Explorer 9, different from its predecessors, has got a rather simple, clean, minimalist and bare-bone interface or user interface. It looks like Google Chrome in a lot of ways. No toolbar, no visible options or command icons at all. That’s a real change for Microsoft which has never modified Internet Explorer interface through the years. And that’s why a lot of users are getting confused and dumb founded. The new look confuse users and surfers who don’t know how to tweak and change its options. One of the major issues with the new Microsoft browser has to do with a particular tool. I am talking about the bookmark tool or manager which apparently is a little hard to spot and use and doesn’t let users add and display favorite websites and blogs in an easy way.

The first step to gain access and display the bookmark tool is to let the browser show it. In fact, all toolbars are hidden by default.

  1. Open Internet Explorer 9 (ie9).
  2. Right click the tabbed area. At this point a small menu will appear. Such a menu is quite important (and well hidden,too!) because it will shows you how to display the bookmark toolbar and other options.
  3. Untick the Lock Toolbars option.
  4. Click the Favorites Bar.

At this point, once you have “unleashed” all the bookmarks, lets try to add a bookmark to your Internet Explorer 9.

  1. Go to your favorite website.
  2. Click  the Favorite star (located at the right side of the upper browser toolbar) or drag the website favicon to the bookmarks bar.
  3. If you wish, you can also drag the favicon to the Windows taskbar located at the bottom of the screen. This will let you pin the website to the browser.

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16 Comments to “How to Add and Display Bookmarks in Internet Explorer 9”

  1. pedro Says:

    Yes, Cath…..download another browser. IE sucks rocks.

  2. Cath Says:

    I have the favorites toolbar on top of IE. The little star appears. However each time I drag a site to the toolbar, it DOES NOT place the link in the toolbar. I have tried to lock and unlock the toolbar and no luck. I have also pressed the STAR to link it, but still no luck. Restarting IE doesn’t help either. Is there a setting somewhere else that I’m not aware of? Any assistance is appreciated.

  3. tom Says:

    I want to type in a url for a new bookmark. I cannot find how to do this. The page does not exist yet but will in a few minutes. It’s annoying that I cannot manually creake a bookmark.

  4. beezle Says:

    “Favorites or bookmarks” are found by using the “star” icon on the right side of the toolbar.

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