How to Configure Windows 7 for a Wifi Network or Access Point

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Windows7If you travel a lot and you always  need to connect your computer to a wifi network on the go, then you might find this little tutorial extremely useful. Despite the fact that the procedure to configure your Windows 7 to a wifi network or to an access point is quite easy, there are still a lot of users who don’t know where to start from. This post will explain you in simple words how to connect and configure your computer to gain access to a Hot Spot or a wireless connection in a few easy steps.

  1. Turn on your computer.
  2. On the lower right-side of the screen, in the notification area (where the digital clock is located), click the Network icon. This will open a new small window showing you all the hot spots and wifi connections available.
  3. Click on your favorite hot spot. You should now see a new botton named Connect.
  4. Tick or untick the Connect Automatically checkbox if you want your computer to connect automatically or not next time it spots the wifi connection you just chose.
  5. Wait for a couple of seconds to allow your computer to connect to the wireless network.
  6. If prompted type in the field the password (connection key) to gain access to Internet.
  7. If you want to disconnect or turn off your wireless network connection, click again the Network icon in the notification area, click the name of the wifi hotspot you are connected to and click the Disconnect button.
  8. Done!

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