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Windows 7If you are bored with your Windows 7 plain and simple startup sound and message, then this hack will add some spice and fun to your computer! Thanks to a small, little file  you will be able to make your Windows 7 talk at startup and greets you with a nice voice, Windows 7 own synthesized voice!

  1. Open your Windows Notepad.
  2. Copy and paste the following text to Windows Notepad:
  3. Dim speaks, speech
    speaks=”Hi There! Write here what your Windows 7 will say at startup!”
    Set speech=CreateObject(“sapi.spvoice”)
    speech.Speak speaks

  4. Now you should save the file on your desktop. Such a file will be saved as a .txt but we  need to change it to a file having  .vbs extension.
  5. Click File on the upper left side of your Notepad window.
  6. Click Save as…
  7. On the left pane select the location where such a file will be saved. In our case you will have to save such file on your desktop.
  8. In the File Name field you should see something like this: *.txt  This determines how your file willbe saved ( .txt file).
  9. Modify the file name and the file extension  from *.txt to Windows_Voice.vbs
  10. Now, click the Save button.
  11. Move the .vbs file to the following location: C:\Users\ UserName\AppData\ Roaming\Microsoft\ Windows\Start Menu\ Programs\ Startup  and…you are done! Next time you will turn on your Windows 7, your computer will talk!
  12. In most cases the AppData folder will be hidden from view, by default. Follow this tutorial to show hidden files and folders.

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5 Comments to “How to Make your Windows 7 Computer Talk at Start Up”

  1. Glenn Says:

    Dim speaks, speech
    speaks=”Hello Ajay, Welcome to your Computer. Please use me with care and Love.”
    Set speech=CreateObject(“sapi.spvoice”)
    speech.Speak speaks

    copy and paste this one.. it works then

  2. Phantom Says:

    the error is just the quotation mark the first one if you copy pasted it from here. just reopen the file with notepad and replace the quotation mark with one from your keyboard “

  3. Joseph Joseph Says:

    I tried getting my computer to talk I just get an error message when the script is being run. It says error on line 2 or some other line.

  4. Nicole Says:

    Ya, its not working for me. There is no AppData file on my comp. Do i need to make it or something?

  5. BoBbY Says:

    Not working! Error code 800A0408

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