How to Locate and Use Requests (Friend Request) on Facebook

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facebookIf you are a Facebook user it is very common to get a “Friend Request” from other people. Such a request is nothing else than an invite from another user asking you if he can add your Facebook Profile  to his “My Friends” page. If you don’t reply to such an invite, you won’t loose it at all. Instead, Facebook will put it on a kind of waiting page, waiting for you to take the proper action. This brief tutorial will show you how to locate such a page, how to delete a friend request and how to send a new request to another user.

If you are at loss on where the Friend Request is on your Facebook Profile, follow these steps:

  1. Login Facebook.
  2. On the right sidebar, you should notice the Requests Section (usually it is located right under the sponsored ads section).
  3. Click See All to go to the Request Section including your Friend Requests.
  4. Such a section contains all those pending requests you are required to take a proper action for.
  5. If this is too difficult, simply click this link and you will be redirected to the Request section right away!

If you want to Delete and Block a Friend Request follow this steps:

  1. Login Facebook.
  2. Click on the Privacy link located right under setting menu in the upper right side of your Facebook page.
  3. Go to the Block People section.
  4. Enter the name of the recipient (friend) and click Block.
  5. If you have more friends having the same name, Facebook will show a list. Select the right friend and click Block Person.
  6. Right after that unblock the recipient. At this point you won’t see the request anymore as it has been deleted permanently.
  7. The downside is that now, the user will be able to see your profile back.

If instead you want to send a Friend Request:

  1. Login Facebook.
  2. Locate the friend you want to send the request using the Search link.
  3. Once you have spotted the right friend, simply click the Add to Friends link to send a friend request.
  4. Done!

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