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Microsoft Outlook 2010 is  one of  the most used email clients  on the Internet.  It is powerful, extremely configurable and best of all, it’s free. However, if you want to setup and configure an email account with it you might get some issue. Too many settings, server ports, POP  and SMTP options to configure.  It is almost impossible to have a working email account able to download emails on your computer on your first try! Let’s see how to automatically setup Microsot Outlook 2010 and have your Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail working in a couple of steps.

Outlook AutoConfig is a free utility able to make wonders with Outlook 2010. Enter your email address, your name, your email client (by the way, it works with Outlook 2010, Outlook Express, Microsoft Live Mail and Windows Mail), your username and password and you are done. You have got your email account fully working on your computer email client!

Download Outlook Autoconfig

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7 Comments to “How to Automatically Setup Microsoft Outlook 2010”

  1. ron Says:

    also is there a possibility to create a Gtalk plugin in outlook 2010.


  2. ron Says:

    This does not work with yahoo accounts

  3. Web Talk Says:

    Thanks Dennis! I totally missed that part! Gosh, you… eagle’s eye! lol

  4. Dennis F. Says:

    It still says it is free: I quote from the 2nd line ” best of all, it’s free”. This still implies to me that MS Outlook 2010 is free. You do state that “Outlook AutoConfig” is free, which it is, not Outlook 2010 itself.

  5. Danny G. Says:

    It works! I set up my Outlook in 3 mins. Thanks.

  6. Web Talk Says:

    Thanks Dennis. You made a point! The article didn’t say that Outlook was for free but it was unclear and some readers might think it was. I corrected it accordingly!

  7. Dennis F. Says:

    ??? Since when is MS Outlook free? At least in the US, it hasn’t been free since Outlook Express was shipping. Vista no longer has it, and neither does Win 7. There maybe a trial, time limited copy, on new PCs, but after the trial, you pay retail.

    I just went to the MS site, and you can d/l a free trial, but it definitely isn’t free to keep using it. I use Outlook 2007 after using 2003 for a few years. Is it worth it to upgrade to 2010? I’ve also read that an install will destroy the old data (email, contacts, calendar, etc.) and wonder if that was true or not? BTW, the AutoConfig utility works with all versions of Outlook, not just the ones you listed, according to their site.

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