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facebook chatLately, I have got a question from a Facebook user who wants to know if it is possible to set a Auto-Reply option on their Facebook chat. A kind of  “I am away!” message which is sent automatically by your Facebook profile warning  your friends that you are not in front of your computer when they try to chat or contact you. Other famous chat clients such a Google Talk (Gtalk) are able to send you automatic messages also thanks to nice software such as GTalk Autoreply, for example. However, on Facebook the situation is a little more difficult also due to the fact that the Facebook support page for the chat client doesn’t provide you any information.

In fact, at the time writing Facebook doesn’t have, among its features and options, any auto reply system, nor are there applications which can help you add or send kind of  custom messages or courtesy messages.

In fact, Facebook sees its users as either online or offline. If you are offline or are not in front of your desk or computer you are not supposed to chat. If you are about to leave your Facebook  Chat, the only thing you can do is send a message to your friends telling to contact you later.

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5 Comments to “Can I Turn on Facebook Chat Auto Reply?”

  1. GummyB Says:

    I just think that we use third party software, not just in facebook…

  2. devis Says:

    very interesting . thanks

  3. Kammy Says:

    I sometimes use my ipod for Facebook, there is a apps that allowed u to do autoreply on facebook its called eBuddy.

  4. happy Says:

    my freiend set auto replay in facebook how i dont know if you get this plz send me how to set this

  5. Vamban Blog Says:

    Really useful for me when i ideal in facebook. Thanks for sharing nice info.

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