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wlm can't send any fileIf you got the latest Windows Live Messenger 2011 (WLM2011) and you can’t send any files then you have to know that this issue is quite common and affect a lot, if not all, Windows Live Messenger users. Despite the fact that the new Microsoft chat client has got a lot of enhancements, improvements and new features, in some cases such new options seem to create “never-seen-before” problems which did n0t exist in the previous versions. If you want one example, just read my articles about the display name issue or annoying ads to have an idea. In this article I will talk about an “apparent bug” which blocks the regular file transfer, also warning you  that  “you have chosen to transfer a file which may be unsafe”.  The solution in this case is quite easy to spot but some users might be at loss on how to proceed mainly due to the lack of proper instructions.

You have to know that Windows Live Messenger 2011 (wlm) doesn’t allow you to send so called “unsafe files” over the Internet. I am talking about files which have got the following extensions: exe;.bat;.com;.cmd;.reg;.vbs;.inf;.msi;.htm;.htm. As a result, you will get a dialog box with the following error message “you have chosen to transfer a file which may be unsafe”.  Also, the  Send file is greyed out meaning that you won’t be able to click it.  The reason behind this choice is to prevent viruses to spread on other computers. In fact such extensions are used by hackers to hide virus, spyware and other malware.

To solve this situation simply install a proper antivirus or click the Install button on the dialog box to download and install a free virus scanner for Messenger provided by Microsoft. Remember, this is a “set-up and forget” solution. In fact, you will be required to perform such action only once. After installing an antivirus you will manage to send file regularly.

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10 Comments to “How to Fix Can’t Send Files Issue in Windows Live Messenger 2011”

  1. Dude Says:


  2. Dudes right!! Says:

    I’ve been wanting to say this the whole three fuckin days spend trying to fix msn messenger (essential 2011)

    FUCK MSN!!!!!

    In my case it couldnt find d1d2.dll file, now I fixed it BUT HAPPILY some kinda other error occured! It cant find CREATEDXGIFactory1!!! WHAT THE HELL!!!! (it was a TOTAL pain in the ass! It said that you need to upgrade this platform user thing, I tried and it wont upload and I dont have it! And then I tried to get rid off the whole live essential and succeeded and then I upgraded it back to my machine again AND IT DOESNT WORK!!! And I cant get the platform upgrade, Machine cannot find it and I’ve tried manually also, doesn’t load it!


    I hate you for WASTING my time!!!

    Ps. If you know how to fix this shit, please some advise?

  3. msn hater Says:

    what a bullshit fix……

    that just installs windows live onecare which is a pain in the ass to remove.

    doesnt do a good enough job


  4. Don Says:

    I do not get a warning, and “file transfer” is not listed in options. I too, have send file greyed out and would like to resolve it. Please update this document to reflect current version that does not display this behavior.
    running windows live messenger 2011 (build 15.4.3502.922)

  5. Lana Says:

    I have a great solution, get rid of Messenger and use Skype it works great.

  6. Says:

    STUPID $%£ MSN!!


  7. prince Says:

    My messenger does not show contacts online. cant even send offline messages. 2011 msn messenger does not work.

  8. cibai Says:

    Cibai!! i face the same problem too!!! waste my time

  9. yepyepyep Says:

    Or…your contact is talking through Facebook and you didn’t realize it. I had that issue today, and I felt pretty stupid afterwards…

  10. Theresa Kessler Says:

    I cant send files to an online dj that used to be able to receive songs from me to put on air…thanks for nothing MSN! Now i have to figure out skype and try to get the dj (who is limited on downloading while on air) to download it and send files through that.

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