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twitterTwitter is expecially made for those users that don’t have a lot of time but still want to send messages  and keep in touch with their friends. If you want to save a lot of  time, why don’t you use Twitter Shortcuts, Commands and Abbreviations? That’s a useful way to reduce the time you spend in front of your computer and maximize the time you use on Twitter!

Twitter Shortcuts

  1. Shift + F – Prioritize the tweet you’re pointing with your mouse.
  2. Shift +  H – Goes to the top of the screen.
  3. Shift + R – Lets you reply to the tweet you’re pointing with your mouse.
  4. Shift + T – Retweets the tweet you’re  pointing with your mouse.
  5. Shift +Space – Moves the screen up.
  6. F – Prioritize the selected tweet.
  7. G  and then press M – Inbox.
  8. G and  then press R – Replies.
  9. G and  then press F – Favourites.
  10. G and then press P – Your profile.
  11. G and then press U – Another User profile.
  12. G and then press H – Home.
  13. M – Opens  a Message  in a new pop-up window.
  14. N – Opens a new tweet in a new pop-up window.
  15. K – Moves a tweet up in the list.
  16. . – Lets you refresh your tweets.
  17. / – Search.
  18. Esc – Turn off  the message pop-up window.

Twitter Abbreviations

  1. @username :Reply to…
  2. D @username and DM @username: Send a Direct Private Message
  3. RT : Retweet a tweet
  4. PRT : Partial Retweet of a tweet
  5. FTF : Face to Face
  6. VTV: Voice to Voice
  7. b/c: Because
  8. FB: Facebook
  9. IM : Chat Instant Message
  10. k : OK

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