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Adworldmedia blockerHave you ever wished to block the annoying  Adworldmedia Ads popup appearing on Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer? This article explains how to remove these popups  so that they won’t bother you while surfing the Internet. Adworldmedia is used by a lot of webmasters to make some money. The issue with such advertisement company is that they use popups which automatically appear on your browser window every 3-4 pages. For some unknown reason some users get them every 1-2 pages so that they won’t manage to surf a blog or a website in a “relaxed” and comfortable way. Furthermore, common Pop Up Blocker seems not to remove such ads. Google doesn’t use any popup as it is well aware of this pestware! I don’t trust those ads companies which use too obtrusive ads. Despite their reassuring policy I think that they will try to spy you (and the websites you surf)  in every way possible by using their annoying ads which install small cookies (which, despite the reassuring name, are nothing else that small spyware files) on your personal browser.

Adblock Plus is a free add-on for Firefox which block any kind of annoying and persistent ads/popup/banner from websites and blogs you are visiting. The add-on “is supported by over forty filter subscriptions in dozens of languages which automatically configure it for purposes ranging from removing online advertising to blocking all known malware domains.”

When you run into Adworldmedia popup, go to the Adblock Plus Preferences by clicking the arrow next to the  logo located on the upper right side of Firefox.  Then:

  1. Click Add Filters. Now, add the following filters one by one:
    • http://www.adworldmedia.com/includes/*
    • http://cluster.adultadworld.com/geopop/geoinject.js
    • http://adultadworld.com
  2. Click Apply and then OK.

If you use Google Chrome, don’t worry! Download Adblock Extension for Chrome now! After that, just follow the same steps as the ones for Firefox and you will get rid of Adworldmedia ads!

If you use Internet Explorer you have to know that there is not any Adblock plugin available for this browser, as stated and explained in the adblockplus.org  forum. Sorry guys!

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One Comment to “Block and Remove Adworldmedia popup in Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer”

  1. CyberSickness Says:

    why not edit the “host” file in windows folder?

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