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Facebook new themeAs you know, Facebook has just introduced its new Facebook profile theme or layout (look) which wipes out the old, default theme introducing an improved re-arrangement of your information, friend list and photos as well as a better way to share your interests and activities. Despite some users deeply dislike the new Facebook layout I have to say that I like it! A new re-designed left sidebar, a great way to share your information and private stuff and the new infinite scroll which lets you browse your photos and images faster are the reasons why I think that such a new theme will become quite popular after its uncertain beginning. This easy tutorial will show you how to get the new profile and how to go back to the old, default one in case you don’t like it.

Use the new Facebook theme now!

  1. Go to facebook.com/about/profile webpage.
  2. Login to your Facebook Profile.
  3. Now, on the upper right side of your profile, click the Get the New profile’ button.
  4. Done!

Switch back and revert to the default theme!

  1. If you don’t like the new layout…no Fear! Facebook gives you the opportunity to use the old layout!
  2. Despite what stated on this Facebook Support page, actually you can still use the old theme! I think that this is a bug or something like this. Whatever it is, if you wish to continue using the official theme, you have to “deactivate” and “re-activate” your account. Be careful not to delete it!
  3. Login your Facebook account.
  4. Click Settings and then Account Settings.
  5. Scroll down the page on your browser till you reach the Deactivate my account button. Click it!
  6. This procedure won’t erase your Facebook account. It will only put it in a kind of stand-by mode. In fact you will still be able to get invitations from your friends and they will also be able to ask you to join groups.
  7. Now, reactivate the account! At this point you should be able to use the default theme!

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29 Comments to “How to Use the New Facebook Theme or Switch Back to the Old, Default One”

  1. Najiya Says:

    just disable the stylish plug in that you installed for the theme to take its effect… (For Chrome)

  2. shikha Says:

    It does not work… 🙁

  3. lou Says:

    PS : I just wanted to switch back and revert to the default theme!

  4. lou Says:

    It doesn’t work ;-(((!!!!!

  5. bhagi Says:

    manzhumaa thxxx alottttttttt

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