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facebook tabsIf you wish to customize and enhance your Facebook profile you should take into consideration to add or create Facebook Tabs on your social, public profile. Such tabs add extra functionalities to your Facebook profile by adding interesting information and media tools such as your photos, addresses, links, videos, games,  and a lot of stuff like that! This will let you have a special, unique profile which will stand out of the other plain, default Facebook profiles you can see everywhere! It is also a nice choice in case you hate both the old and new Facebook layout and wish to add a personal touch (like for example inserting special, custom Facebook fonts and symbols!). However, this guide will go a little further. In fact it will also show you how to make custom and add tabs by changing the tab’s name thanks to a small, free application.

In order to create a custom Facebook tab you will have to follow these steps:

  1. Download a special plugin for Facebook called FBML Static.  You will have to click  the Add-to-My-Page option located  below the application thumbnail.  
  2. Now, click the Add to Page button for the page you want to add the tab to.
  3. Go to your Facebook page and click Edit Page.
  4. Click Applications.
  5. Now, you will have to spot the FBML Static plugin on the list of the installed applications.
  6. Click the small Go to Application link located under the application description.
  7. A new page called Edit FBML will appear. At this point you will have to fill in a special form with your data, info etc.  You will have to give a title to your tab and fill in the bigger box with your writing. You can even add HTML code there.
  8. Click the Save Changes button to make your first personal tab  and add it to your profile.
  9. Done!

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2 Comments to “How to Create Custom Facebook Tabs on Your Facebook Profile”

  1. Michelle Says:

    I have been trying to figure out how to get a Tab on Facebook that connects to a wikipedia page and am having no luck at all? I was able to get the tab and have it say Wikipedia but how do you transfer the content? I find figuring out things on Facebook very frustrating! The page I want to add it to is a public figure. Any thoughts?

  2. Ahmd Zizo Says:

    well .. i think Facebook will switch to iframe instead of FBML.

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