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Save Bookmarks to Internet Explorer 9If you just chose the default Microsoft browser which is available on your Windows operating system, you might want to save and backup all your Firefox bookmarks to Internet Explorer (IE8 and IE9) to continue using and surfing your favorite websites and blogs. However, most of the times this operation turns out to be a real pain cause compatibility errors prevent the user from safely export the bookmarks available in Firefox to Internet Explorer.  This tutorial, despite  it might not be as easy as one could think, will help you with your bookmarks so that next time you will use Internet Explorer you won’t get mad to remember  and find your old  websites!

  1. The first thing to do is to export and save all the bookmarks available in Firefox. To do that, click the Bookmarks link located on the upper-right side of Firefox.
  2. Now click Organize Bookmarks – Import and Backup -Export  HTML. This will generate a HTML file to your desktop (backup file).
  3. Now, open Internet Explorer and click  the Favorite button on the upper-right side of the browser.
  4. Click the the arrow on the right of the Add to Favorites button.
  5. Click Import and Export.
  6. Click the Select from File radio button.
  7. Check the Favorite radio button.
  8. Click Next.
  9. Now locate the file with .HTML extension you previously saved from Firefox and click Next.
  10. Click Import and again click the Next button.
  11. Done! All your “old” Firefox bookmarks are now saved and exported to Internet Explorer 9!

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