How to Solve Gmail Temporary Error (500) (Gmail Won’t Load)

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Gmail error 500

While trying to access your Gmail account, the system might return you  the following error message: “GMAIL temporary error (500) – We’re sorry, but your Gmail account is temporarily unavailable. We apologize for the inconvenience and suggest trying again in a few minutes. If the issue persists, please visit the Gmail Help Center. Try Again Sign Out.”  Despite such error seems to be triggered by a large  quantity of different issues, it looks like only a few of them can be solved by the user himself. Other issues have to do with the Internet connection or with Google itself which has got some problem on its Gmail servers (and as a consequence Gmail won’t load!). Other errors are more easy to solve such as: error 007 (your Firewall is preventing Gmail from receiving/sending emails), error 008 (the attachment you are trying to send is bigger than 20 MB) or 502 (Gmail itself is unavailable for unknown reasons). Let’s see how to solve the dreaded Gmail error 500!

As you know, Google is always a little “cryptical” when it comes to exaplain its own, issues, bugs and problems, so we really don’t know where this error 500 comes from. However in some cases such an error seems to by triggered by:

  1. Poor Internet Connection.
  2. Browser Extension issues.

Poor Internet Connection

In this case the problem might be triggered by your Internet connection. Contact your local Internet provider and ask him if they are experiencing any kind of issues. Alternatively, if you are on a Wifi network, try to get closer to the Wifi antenna. If you are too far or inside a room with poor wifi, Gmail might not be able to send or receive emails.

Browser Extension issues

Other times instead the issue has to do with your own browser!  A poor coded extension or an addon you just installed on your Firefox or Internet Explorer (and other browsers of course) might prevent Gmail from working correctly! So, try to uremove any extensions  you just installed on your browser.

If instead none of the above tricks worked for you it only means that something at Google went wrong and that maybe their servers are down. To prevent to extend such an issue it is better not to try to connect to Google Gmail for an hour. In the meantime flush and clear your browser cache. In this way all the information (and pages) gathered by Google during the “blackout” will be deleted so that when Gmail will become available again, your browser won’t show you the old cached Gmail page containing the error but the working Gmail page!

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