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Facebook cartoon tagsOne of the most frequent questions about Facebook is how to create and make cartoon and avatar tags to identify your friends. As we all know one of the most used features on Facebook is tagging which lets you “tag”, spot your friends on pictures, photos, videos, notes etc. This is especially useful in those cases where a person want to clearly identify somebody during a conversation, while showing a photo, for example. During the years such a feature has evolved a lot,  how stated on this Facebook blog post about tagging. However, as always in these cases, users tend to “abuse” the tagging option in new, different, annoying ways! I am talking about the cartoon tagging. There are a lot of Facebook groups against cartoons tags just to make you understand how this new trend is really bothering a lot of Facebook users sometimes with unexpected results! That said if you still want to turn your Facebook friends to cartoons and avatar, I have what you are looking for: a small list of websites where you can download funny pictures to use on your Facebook profile!

Wish to cartoonify your Facebook friends? Do you want to make fun of somebody on Facebook? Here are some webpage containing some cartoon pictures you can use!

  • Urlesque.com – This webpage contains an ultimate collection of cartoons and funny, hilarious pictures you can use to tag your friends in new, incredible ways! Smileys, The Flintstones, South Park, comics characters anc much more!
  • Sketch Me for Facebook- trun your friends’ picures to sketches! This is a nice application ready to use in your Facebook profile directly. All you will have to do is click the Go to Application button on the left of the Facebook page!
  • TagmyPals.com – This incredible website contains a lot of  avatars and pictures divided into category. You can use the one available and you can even upload the one you found on the Internet!
  • Hello Facebook – Another website containing cartoons from Disney for example. But you will also be able to find cute bears, funny animals etc. The site is not very functional to tell you the truth, so my advice is to look at the ride side of the page and click the cartoon link.
  • Disney characthers – If you are looking for Disney characther then have a look at this picture here. it contains some of the most famous characters such as Aladdin, prince charming, Bambi, Nemo etc.
  • Google Image – This is the most obvious place where to look for cartoon tags. However I am confident that a lot of people won’t know about it. On Google Images it is sufficient to search for a couple of keywords to find a real gold mine full of thousands of cartoons to use on your Facebook profile Enjoy!

Here is a small guide which will show you how to tag your friends.

  1. Login to your Facebook account.
  2. Click Photos on the left side of your Facebook Profile.
  3. You should be able to see a list of the latest photo albums and recently tagged photos from your friends. Click the  My Photos link located on the upper left side of the Photos section. This will let you create a new album.
  4. Click Create your first album.
  5. At this point you can upload the cartoon images and pictures from the webpages and websites above. (Of course you have to save them on your computer first). Note: You might be asked to install Javascript on your computer in order to upload your pics. Just Confirm it.
  6. Assign you album a name and decide who can view it.
  7. To tag a friend of yours, simply move your mouse pointer to the face of the person and left click. At this point a box will appear. It contains a list of your friends. Choose the friend to tag.
  8. Click the Tag button.
  9. Done!

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One Comment to “How to Create Facebook Cartoon/Avatar Tags”

  1. Lory Says:

    Nice list of Facebook cartoons. I enjoyed them and already use some of them to tag my friends. Thanks

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