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Chrome apps shortcutsIn my previous article I told you about the new Google Chrome Web Apps . But, did you know that you can create Chrome Web Apps shortcuts and put them on your computer desktop? This is quite useful and exciting and to tell you the truth, I have already created a couple of desktop shortcuts myself! The procedure is very easy, the result is quite outstanding and the way such shortcuts work look like the old, well-known applications icons which sit on your desktop! Let’ see together how to achieve this result.

  1. Open Google Chrome.
  2. Open a new tab. To do it, simply click the Sign “+” on the upper left side of the browser.
  3. A list of installed Web Apps will appear.
  4. Right-click the App you with to make a shortcut for.
  5. From the menu,click the Last option: “Create Shortcut”.
  6. A dialog windows will appear. Among the different options you will be give the opportunity to create a shortcut on the desktop, Star Menu, Pin to Taskbar.
  7. Tick the check box which fits your need and click the Create Button.
  8. Done!

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One Comment to “How to Create Google Chrome Web Apps Shortcuts on Your Computer Desktop”

  1. Ryan Says:

    I do not have that option when right clicking on apps. Is this OS specific?

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