How to Change Facebook Wallpaper with Two Tricks

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Facebook wallpaperFacebook profiles look  pretty similar to each other, right? Apparently, there is no way to change the Facebook wallpaper due to the poor customization options the system offers, but hey, as you know there is also some nice trick here at Web Talk to apply and add some spicy to our plain and uniform lives!  The fact that Facebook is not easily customisable is obviously a wanted “feature”. The neat, clear, simple and user-friendly layout is very appealing to a lot of users and external viewers but well, sometimes, above all if you use this social website a lot, you might  get tired with it! Let’s see how to solve this issue with a couple of neat tricks!

Auto-Colorizer for Facebook

If you use Firefox you can easily customize your Facebook layout and wallpaper by downloading a nice code (Grasemonkey ) which will let you change Facebook default colors. Auto-Colorizer lets you add different colors to different pages. Reading from the official website: “Each of your friends gets their own great custom color scheme (aka layout)! Visit any profile or photo album on Facebook, and the page will change color schemes to perfectly match the photo. Works on profiles, photos, events & groups.”  To install this javascript code you need to follow these steps:

  1. Open Firefox.
  2. Install GreaseMonkey add-on for Firefox.
  3. Restart Firefox for the chnages to take effect.
  4. Now, install the Javascript file. (Auto-Colorizer)

Change Facebook Template

  1. Open your Firefox browser.
  2. Download the Firefox  Add-on Yontoo Layers. Such a nice extension is compatible with Internet Explorer  and Firefox and require  Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7 and further. It is also compatible with Mac OS X .
  3. Install Yontoo layers and follow the easy instructions. After that restart Firefox.
  4. Now, Login your Facebook account and visit this webpage: apps.facebook.com/pagerage/
  5. Click the Allow button available on the page.
  6. At this point you are done! You can choose any Facebook Layout  you want. Simply,  click to select your favorite layout on the Select link in the image layout.

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