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Error 0xC004C003Upon trying to activate your Windows 7 online, the system might return you with the error code 0xC004C008. Such activation error, as explained on this Microsoft troubleshooting page,  “occurs if the KMS key has exceeded the activation limit. KMS keys will activate up to 10 times on six different computers.” or when “The activation server determined that the computer could not be activated”. Among the different causes that might trig such error Microsoft  managed to spot 4 different ones, namely: Your computer’s hardware has been changed, Windows 7 was reinstalled on the same computer, your Windows 7‌ product key was transferred from another computer and the ‌Windows 7 product key that you’re trying to use has already been used on the maximum number of computers that your license allows. Let’s see how to fix this error.

In order to fix Error code 0xC004C008, read this complete, easy to understand Microsoft webpage which will show you through a simple step-by-step guide how to fix this issue.

Read Windows 7 activation error: 0xC004C008 by Microsoft now!

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