How to Get an Old Yahoo Account Back

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yahoo accountDid you delete your Yahoo account account in a hurry? If so, you might wish to get your old Yahoo account back, as well as all of your old sent and received emails. Don’t worry, this is not an problem at all. Yahoo is well aware of this issue and lets you recover your email account in a couple of easy steps. The only issue is to be able to find the right Yahoo page where to file a kind of reconsideration, a request to the Yahoo team where you explain that you need access your account back. Sure you could contact the Yahoo support but well, most of the times that it is not the fastest way to proceed. So, let’s see together  what to do in case you have changed your mind and all of a sudden you need to gain access to your old emails as well as other data you stored in Yahoo!

Surprisingly enough, reactivating your Yahoo email account is pretty simple but at the same time is pretty tricky,too! In fact if you want to get it back you have to:

  1. Go to the Yahoo login page and try to log in with your old username and password.
  2. After you enter the capctha code you will face a new message, a warning which should say: “Re-activate your Yahoo account”.
  3. Click the re-activate button.
  4. The following message should appear on the Yahoo page: “Success, you will be able to use your Yahoo account shortly”.
  5. At this point all you will have to do is wait. The Yahoo team will take care of your issue and within 24 hours you  will be able to get your Yahoo email back!

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