How to Save Tweets to your Computer

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Save your favorite tweets

If you post a lot of messages on Twitter, you might wish to save your Tweets to your computer, external hard drive or flash drive so that, in case something goes wrong you will have a nice backup of your Twitter Account. This might also be quite useful in case you want to re-read all your old conversations and messages but you don’t have an Internet connection!  Whatever the reason, Twitter doesn’t offer any way to keep your Tweets in a secure place nor does it offers any proper solution to make sure that all your favorite and valuable “memories” will be saved from disruption or hardware failure. Let’s see how to overcome this problem thanks to web utilities, special websites which connect to your Twitter account and transfer all your data to a secure place of your choice.

TweetBackup is a web utility which, as its name suggests, is able to save your Tweets somewhere else. Other features include: daily backups, friend list backup,  no installation required, very easy to understand, very easy User Interface, set-it and forget about it procedure.

MKTwitter is nice free, open source application which lets you connect to your Twitter account and save your Tweets to your computer. No hassle, no knowledge required. Just download it, run it and you are done!

Tweetake is another website which connect to your Twitter account. The website is rather barebone but the way it works is really …great! In fact, thanks to it you will be able to save all your Twitter details and  information. Its options let you backup the following things: Followers, Friends, Favorites, Your Tweets, Everything! As a result, the website will return you with a CVS file which you can open using Office Excel.

TwitterBackup is a free javascript application. Again, thanks to it you will be able to backup all your Twitter account. The nice thing about this application is that everything will be saved in a XML file which is completely compatible with Office Excel! Here are the easy steps required by this nice piece of software:

  1. Download it.
  2. Install it on your computer. Make also sure to have Java installed on your machine. Otherwise you will have to install it (link to Java. Please note that the software is free!).
  3. Enter your Twitter username and password.
  4. Assign a name to your backup.
  5. To download all Tweets, click the Start button. This will start the Twitter back up process.
  6. Easy, isn’t it?

BackupmyTwitter lets you protect your Tweets thanks to daily backups. The service is not for free (10 bucks a year) but it will let you use as much as free 1GB account if you tweet about them! The reason why it is not for free is because BackupmyTwitter also gives you the opportunity to backup all your email accounts, blog posts and online photos. A great service in change of a small fee!

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