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recover after a virus attack

It is not very easy to repair or completely recover your computer and Windows operating system (Windows 7, Vista or XP) after a virus attack. In fact,  after a virus has been deleted and cleared from your system, most of the time your Windows will experience an annoying slowness, random crashes and a general low performance. But that’s not all.  As you know, viruses and spywares mess with your computer and try to make a lot of damages. Because of this you might need to recover your Windows registry or some utility and tool which have been disabled or hidden such as the Run command, Internet connection, task manager, security policies, themes, folders etc. The list of thing which a virus could have “ruined” is so great that most of the time, the average user will format the computer and re-install the whole operating system! Recently, I have found on the Internet three interesting and free applications which could save you and your machine  froma lot of pain, right after a virus exploit! Basically, they will attempt to heal your computer by re-enabling certain features or checking and fixing some Windows utilities which got corrupted by the virus!  So let’s see together how to restore our Windows OS to its normal, functional state in a couple of clicks! 

Re-Enable V2

This free software is something you must have on your computer. Basically, it will restore a lot of Windows 7/Vista or XP utilities which got disabled or corrupted by malware. The User interface is pretty simple to understand and let’s you fix Windows application such as My Computer , Task Schedule, Control panel etc. Everything is done in one click! Re-Enable will also scan and edit special files/app such as autorun.inf, explorer.exe for example.

Download Re-Enable V2 now!

Virus Effect Remover

This is the ultimate free software to help you repair your computer after a virus or trojan attack! It contains tons of features  as well as information which will help you spot “what’s wrong” on your Windows.  Virus Effect Removal is able to fix Task Manager, Regedit, MSconfig, Windows automatic update etc.  It is also able to spot, flag and remove suspicious files and left-over left  by a virus/trojan. The list og things that this software is able to do and fix is really impressive!

Download Virus Effect Remover Now!


The worst case scenario after a virus exploit is that all of your files have been deleted! Recuva free application is able to recover your deleted files thanks to a simple interface and a even simpler procedure. The software is able to recover  your emails, ipod music, unsaved Word documents etc.

Download Recuva Now!

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  1. Quiller Says:

    Zone Alarm Forcefield tags Re-Enable as malware. What’s the story?

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