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Hide row ot recently tagged photosThe new Facebook layout has introduced a row of five recently tagged photos at the top of the profile page. However, a lot of users want to hide the row for privacy issues as you might guess. Now, the problem here is that it is really difficult to spot the right settings which allow you to remove the new feature, and apparently Facebook users are getting mad at it.  But let me tell you something more about this new “not-so-exciting” feature.  The row of tagged photos shows latest tagged photos or photos from profile picture album. Such photos are visible to all those friends and users selected in the “Photos and videos you’re tagged in” option under the Privacy settings available on  your profile. Right now there is not option to turn off the row, despite whatever the Facebook Privacy page says about the fact that you are in control of your Facebook profile! Facebook didn’t add any checkbox or button to disable it. However you can tweak it. In fact, you can opt-in and opt-out certain photos and pictures from appearing in the infinite scroll row!

In order to remove and hide recently tagged photos from the infinite scroll row, roll the photo and click the “X” icon located at its the top-right corner. The photo will be removed from the row right away. Please note that sucha picture won’t be deleted from your Facebook account at all!

If you wish to have more control over the row at the top of the profile you can use the Privacy Settings.

  1. Click the Account tab from the upper side of your Facebook profile.
  2. From the drop down menu, click Privacy Settings.
  3. Under the Sharing on Facebook section, click Customize Settings.
  4. On the right of the “Photos and videos I’m tagged in” click the Edit Settings link.
  5. Choose the new privacy setting you wish to apply to your tagged photos. Options available are: Everyone, Friends of Friends, Friends Only and Customize.
  6. Click the Okay button.

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9 Comments to “Hide the Row of Recently Tagged Photos at The Top of the Facebook Profile”

  1. fb user Says:

    thx for advice man! haqve a nice day 🙂

  2. Frd Says:

    I’m stupid too.
    I decided to press x until all images were gone, but how do I get them back?
    I tagged 5 photos of me and that worked until I removed the tags. I thought all images automatically were going to show up again.

  3. heba Says:

    my facebook change my profile pic and it desapear my notification with him self :S i really dun know wat to do any help overthere ? O.o

  4. Kayla Says:

    I really hate that Facebook added that. And that don’t give us the option to get rid of it if we want.

  5. Erin Says:

    This isn’t your fault. The facebook system just does not work. Perhaps they have very young people running the company. Here is an email I sent Facebook Execs:

    Dear Facebook, I’m not trying to be negative, but you don’t know what you’re doing. The changes that you’ve made (mandatory) enforcing the new profile is so frustrating that I’m seriously thinking of deleting my account. Any company that exists should have a customer response team. I’ve made many inquiries but you either respond by telling me to read other members question and answers or you just don’t respond at all.

    How a persons profile should look and who and what is shared on that profile should be strictly the choice of of the member. You have little to no understanding of this. Your user interface is anything but user friendly. I don’t think that you are bad people. You just don’t have a clue as to what you are doing. You are running this Facebook interface like a child that hasn’t the ability or enough life experience to be able to cross reference problems and trouble shooting. You had a good idea in the beginning about the concept of Facebook as a social tool. But when you are dealing with peoples private details it becomes very personal.

    You aren’t allowing anyone to have control over their own profile. You are controlling the profiles by deciding what content is to be on the profile page. You have little to no opt out buttons. Most of the control is in your hands and not ours. You keep changing things for the worse. You’re just digging a deeper hole. You used to have cool tabs. Now those are gone. You used to have some cool apps. Those are gone. This is anything but having control over our own profiles. I can’t get the right pictures at the top of my profile. Even after trying to manipulate the tags, deleting, reloading and organizing my photos, tagging only what I want at the top of my profile, out of hundreds of mine and others photos, not realizing that when you name an album, (which is mandatory in order to upload pictures from a computer), your interface only understands the name of the album as a tag, so you can’t ever single out the 5 pictures that one chooses to put and keep at the top of their profile. That should be the pick of the member, not Facebook. This should be a (DRAG AND DROP FEATURE). “SIMPLE!”. So, no matter what ever tricks I tried, with privacy changes and such, the row of pictures still show up randomly, choosing photo’s from other albums, other peoples posts, throughout my entire facebook etc. No matter what I do, I’ve just not been able to make it work. Sorry but, THIS IS EXHAUSTING… But, I do wish you Peace and Blessings.
    Erin Franklyn

  6. Erin Says:

    Close but, no cigar…

  7. thundt Says:

    You said to opt out, use the X in the corner. You also said there’s a way to opt in photos. What is that?

  8. Saman Says:

    Facebook are sooo freakin stupid…why dont they let us remove this if we dont want it !! so dumb

  9. Wim Says:

    Great advise. Thanks!

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