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Windows 7 gives you the opportunity to create kind of “post-it” on your screen. Would you like to backup your sticky notes on  your computer? This could be very useful in case you have noted down something important and don’t have time to re-write it somewhere else. Saving your notes could also be useful if  they contain  nice reminders regarding a date, a birthday or another event you care for a lot! You could also need to save them in case you want to share what they contains with  two or more computers because for example, they have  important information or instructions etc. This brief tutorial will show how to store up your past, important,silly and sweet notes to a more safe place such as your external hard disk or your USB dongle!

  1. Click Start.
  2. Open your Windows Explorer and locate the following folder: C:\User\ Your_Username\AppData\ Roaming\Microsoft\Sticky Notes.
  3. Right click StickyNotes.snt and copy it.
  4. This is the precious file contains all your sticky notes. At this point you can save it wherever you want!
  5. If you wish to export and restore your notes on another computer, open Windows Explorer on that computer, locate the Sticky Notes folder above and paste the StickyNotes.snt.

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