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undelete wlm2011 contactsA lot of users want to know how to undelete accidentally deleted  contacts in Windows Live Messenger 2011 (WLM2011) after they got aware that their contacts were missing. Again, the latest Microsoft chat client is giving its users a lot of issues. After the Contacts always appear offline and the nickname displaying your real name issues, it seems that users are experiencing  difficulties about how to spot the right settings in order to retrieve deleted contacts in Windows Live Messenger 2011.  The contact list lets you retrieve and get an immediate glance your friends you are in contact with. Thanks to it you can easily chat, share stuff and also have a real HD video chat! As a general rule of thumb it is always better to backup such a friend list to avoid nasty surprises! To backup your contact list, simply go to your Windows Live Messenger – Contacts – Save instant messaging contacts. This will let you save a .ctt file on your PC containing your friends addresses. Of course this little trick is only valid when  you have not messed with your contact list! However, Microsoft well aware of this issue, has  given you a second chance!  In fact, nested among the messenger settings there is a kind of “Hey! I changed my mind!”   option which will restore whatever you did with your contacts!

  1. Sign in to your account. (go to Live.com).
  2. On the upper-right side of the page, click the Messenger link and right after that, from the drop down menu, select Contacts.
  3. In the new Interface, again on the upper side of the page click the Manage button and from the drop down menu, click Restore Deleted Contacts.
  4. Pick the contacts you deleted by mistaken and click  the Restore button to undelete them.
  5. Now, click the Add as Friend link.
  6. A pop-up window will appear on your screen. From it you will have to click the Invite button.

A couple of considerations. After you have terminated the above procedure, if you sign in to your Windows Live Messenger 2011 (WLM2011) to see if your contacts have been really restored, you might get a bitter surprise! In fact, you might not see  your previously deleted friends back in place. Do not worry as this is quite normal. In fact it could take  some minutes before seeing the results of this guide.

Another thing to keep in mind is that, after pressing the Invite button as described on point number 6, your friends might not get any invitation. This because they could still have you as contact on their friends list!

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7 Comments to “How to Restore/Undelete Windows Live Messenger 2011 Contacts (Contacts Missing)”

  1. Danielgodzillalim Says:

    this really work for me thank you …………

    for people who find this can’t work… i think feedburner got some typing mistake… is on the upper middle at messager.. in between hotmail and skydrive.. you click on messager and you can see contacts… after that you can start follow the step 3 till 6 as show above… hope this help =)


  2. kissie Says:

    God, you saved my life..

  3. WB Says:

    similar problem….

    I am devastated at the moment and I don’t know what to do. My situation is similar. I was trying to transfer my phone contacts from my older Nokia phone to my new Samsung phone, and I was told the easiest way to do this was to synch my contacts from Nokia into Outlook and then transfer to SAmsung from Outlook.

    When I completed the snych from my Nokia phone, I opened th list to find thousands of contacts- it had included all my email contacts, phone contacts, and windows live messenger contacts. I only wanted the phone contacts, so not realsiing what I was doing was wrong, I deleted all the synched files from Outlook (one by one!), so I could re-synch only the phone contacts.

    When I signed in to my Windows Live messenger- ALL CONTACTS WERE GONE. I had over 700 contacts, some very important work and personal contacts. Could someone please help me get these back again- surely there must be a backup of these contacts somewhere on my computer or in a database.

    In addition, I had saved each contact with details of each person, so I had changed the name, etc to a format I could recognise them. If I AM able to get them back, will they just be in email format, or will I be able to get back the information I had stored on each contact? How else will I know who is who??

    I had many hundreds of older contacts already deleted, so another question- if I am finally able to retrieve my latest contacts, does this mean all my old deleted ones will also return?

    I would have hoped that products and procedures such as synchronising would have some backup warning or something. I have never done this before, so how was I to know this would happen! Surely there must be a safegaurd for things like this not to happen. I have been using MSN for so many years since its inception, and after so long for this to happen at a time when the technology should be improving and making it easier, not more difficult. It is very upsetting. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP.

    …..and by the way, I opened Windows Live messenger (2009 version in Windows XP) on my work laptop this morning, and all my contacts were there- BUT within a few minutes, they had all been deleted as well.

  4. Chris Says:

    Thank you so much for this, could not of found these settings without help 🙂

  5. S.H Says:

    I bought a new blackberry and I synchronized my msn messenger contacts to may phone contacts but then decided to delete them since they were too many and they were in the wrong place they were in my phone contacts so i started deleting them one by one and came back home turned on my laptop and sighned in msn messenger and all my contacts had been deleted! It is ridiculous! I had so so so many contacts and I do need them to be back I cant add them one by one but then i managed to get my contacts back to my hotmail but not msn messenger then I took the tick off from the sync on my blackberry and then started deleting them on my phone contacts and it worked my hotmail contacts diditn get deleted again becuase i took the tick of my phone, but my msn messenger on mobile and laptop dont work the contacts r still on my blackberry msn messenger but i cannot chat with them wen i double click on them it takes me to hotmail. I will be very grateful if you help me out asap! I really dont want to add them all one by one I want it to be there as it was. Thank you

  6. LaPlume Says:

    I did not use an hotmail account. Is there a restore process if you used only contacts localy?

    I agree backup is the way to go. Nevertheless, I do not think it is a good business practice that the upgrade of a software exclude data conversion. esp. for broad usage application like Windows Live Mail.

    Is there a restore option for those who used contacts locally?

  7. ray Says:

    There is no such link as “contacts” on the upper right at all, just add a favorate, add a friend etc

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