How to Delete History on Safari Browser

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safari browserIf you bought a brand new Mac computer you might be at loss about how to delete history on Safari the first time you start using the Internet with such a browser.  In fact, Safari is pretty different in comparison to other browser such as Firefox , Internet Explorer and things can be a little “awkward” when it comes to spotting the right options since most of the time they are not in the place you expect them to be (see alternative browsers)! This small trick you will help you protect your privacy since everything will be took to  “factory state”( reset)  on your Apple browser after everything is finished! This brief tutorial will put you back on track, and clearing all the fingerprints you left on your computer will become easier then ever! 

In order to delete history on  Safari as well as cookies, username and passwords you have to follow these easy steps:

  1. Open Safari.
  2. Click the Safari Button.
  3. Click Reset Safari.
  4. At this point a window will appear on your screen. You will be given the option to select what to delete from your Safari browser. By default all options will be ticked. Do not change anything as this is the configuration to keep your privacy safe!
  5. Click the Reset button to delete and clear everything.
  6. Done!
  7. If you want to add an extra layer of protection you can also delete your most recent searches history.
  8. To do that, simply locate the search field. It should be locate on the right of your browser main bar.
  9. Click the arrow, next to the magnifying glass.
  10. A drop-down-menu will appear. Such a menu contains all browsers which can be used to perform a query on the Internet.
  11. Click the Clear Recent Searches option located in the middle of the menu.
  12. Done!

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