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Lately a lot of Twitter users are complaining about an annoying pop-up that asks: ” A Username And Password Are Being Requested By HTTP://twitter.com . The Site Says Twitter API”. Now, the weird thing about it  is that such a message pop-ups when the user has successfully logged into its Twitter account using his right username and password. Additionally, the pop-up won’t go away even though the user clicked the Cancel button located at the end of such a small dialog box. Let’s see how to fix and solve this issue. 

This bug affects Firefox and Safari browser, only. It is triggered when you have  subscribed  to RSS feeds of particular Twitter user account. Here is the simple fix:

  1. Of Firefox, you will have to remove and delete the Twitter account RSS.
  2. On Safari browser, go to Preferences – set Check for Updates to “never”.

If you are still experiencing the issue, visit this Twitter help page and leave your comment. In the comment, do not forget to write your userna,e the URL where you experienced this pop-up, a link to a screen shot of the pop-up box etc. The Twitter team  working on the issue will be happy to give you a proper solution to your issue!

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One Comment to “How To Fix “A Username And Password Are Being Requested By HTTP://twitter.com . The Site Says Twitter API””

  1. Blocky Says:

    Thank you for reproducing a ‘fix’ provided by Twitter support, but it is nonsense. I am not subscribed to a Twitter RSS and I do not have Twitter plugins. Yet this thing is bugging me for months now. Only on the new Twitter home page and only with Firefox.

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