How to Turn Off Yahoo Connections from your Yahoo Mail Account

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yahoo mailSome of my readers asked me how to turn off Yahoo Connections from Yahoo Mail , after reading my previous article on how to delete Yahoo connection contacts. I can well understand these users feeling about the new feature. Everything seems to be “social” nowadays but well, there are still lots of people who really do not care about Facebook and MySpace (I am one of them). Writing and post too many private information on the Internet can be quite dangerous and these social websites do nothing but putting their users’ lives in jeopardy! Now, connecting your Yahoo account to your friend’s Facebook page is kind of exciting for somebody but…doesn’t an old email message do the same trick? Namely, inform a friend of something going on? However, let’s see how to disable such feature for good in a couple of steps.

  1. Login your Yahoo! Mail account.
  2. Click Options.
  3. Click Mail Options.
  4. Under the General section, spot and click Connections.
  5. Uncheck the Connection checkbox.
  6. Click Save.
  7. If you want to add an extra layer of privacy, go your Yahoo Profile.
  8. Click Edit your Info.
  9. Click Settings.
  10. Under Updates, click Manage Updates.
  11. Untick Share my Updates.
  12. Click OK to confirm.
  13. Click the Save button located at the end of the page. This will turn off the Connection feature for good.
  14. Done!

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